Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Introductions and motivations always were my weak spot and most first blog posts are a pain in the ass. And so are the comments.

Wow, so happy that you have a blog now. Looking forward to awesome posts. *subscribe*

– PurpleMonster91

Duuude, it’s 2015 and you’re starting a blog? Ha, lame!!

– Bernd

And let’s not forget about the obligatory..


– AwesomeAnon

Okay, then. Let’s face the inevitable question: why – for God’s sake – another blog? And why in English?

Wisdom of the Ancients
XKCD 979: Wisdom of the Ancients by Randall Munroe  (CC-BY-NC 2.5 )

Don’t you sometimes think about that annoying bug you experienced last week and you googled it for quite some time. Eventually the only Google hit turns out to be the souce code snippet that generated the error message in the first place. But then you come up with a cool hackish solution and you think “I’m probably not the only person on earth to have that error message thrown at their face”. But you have no outlet to publish it and nobody else can benefit from your solution. That’s far from ideal.

I have this haunting thoughts for several years now. And after all, fuck it, I’m starting a blog in 2015! It will be in English, so I can reach a broader audience that might benefit from this piece of randomness, at least in my mind.

I will write about future/done projects and random thoughts. Once in a while there will be that solution to a problem you just googled.

Peace out.

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