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No Python Completions in Vim

Some days ago I copied my .vimrc to another computer. I use some plugins managed by Vundle, so I did the usual


Everything seemed to work fine until I tried to complete some Python code:

Error: Required vim compiled with +python
E117: Unknown function: pythoncomplete#Complete

That’s weird. Okay, let’s check if there’s really something wrong with my vim (from the jessie Debian sources):

$ vim --version | grep python
+cryptv +linebreak +python +viminfo
+cscope +lispindent -python3 +vreplace

No problem here. But where do I get the Python completions from? (I’m actually not the only one wondering).

The answer is the virtual package vim-python provided by:

  • vim-nox
  • vim-gtk
  • vim-gnome
  • vim-athena

So I ended up install vim-nox. It turned out that I had already installed this on my other computer.