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My personal IPv6 report for 2014

It’s once again time to check how many hosts we visited over the past year already provide their service via IPv6. And yes, this particular host is not IPv6 ready, at least not right now. Some years ago I configured all services to use IPv6, but in the meantime I tried to move all services into LXC containers and I did not manage to get it working yet. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase.

I run a small Python script every year that queries my Firefox’s history SQLite database. It’s located somewhere in your home folder, probably in


Call the script with the places.sqlite as first argument and it will try to resolve each hostname you visited in 2014 (or what’s left of the history depending on your history cleaning habits). Maybe you noticed the getaddrinfo call on line 28 and that there is no actual check whether the web server is really listening on the correct interface. Yes, this is only a rough measurement of available AAAA resource records.

My results look pretty much like last year’s:

938 out of 5126 hosts are IPv6 ready (18.29%).

How about a nice xkcdish chart?

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
with plt.xkcd():
    plt.pie([81.71, 18.29], colors=['r', 'g'])
    plt.title("IPv6 in 2014")
    plt.legend(["IPv4 only", "IPv6 ready"])

Let’s finally take a quick look into the places.sqlite, because there are some interesting things hidden in it. Sarah Holmes had a look some years ago.

In the table moz_places is a link to the favicon table, so if you want to, you can compile yourself an image or chart with the favicons of the websites you visited. You could use the visit count or the frecency score your browser calculated. There’s also information whether you typed the URL or clicked a link/visited it via bookmark.

You could reconstruct your download history with moz_annos, reuse your bookmarks, or even follow all your steps through the interwebs like Sarah did with moz_historyvisits. You could even analyze your input habits (moz_inputhistory) – pretty creepy if you ask me.